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C++ has more and more become the programming language used in embedded systems contexts. Since the object-oriented analysis and design, OOAD, is more broadly used in embedded systems development, C++ is well suited as the implementation language.

C++ backward compatibility with the C programming language facilitates mixing these two languages – a typical scenario where an existing C-based embedded system is extended with new features implemented in C++. Like C, C++ is standardized since many years, the recent major revision of the standard, a.k.a. C++11, was settled in 2011.


This three day C++ training course introduces the participant to C++ programming language. Beside a short introduction to the concepts of object-orientated analysis and design you will be taught about the fundamentals in C++ like:

  • Introduce C++ as a programming language for realizing object-oriented systems
  • Understand the differences between the standard C and the “C-part” of C++
  • Design and implement robust C++ classes
  • Grasp the standard library-provided input/output abstractions
  • Introduce some of the new language features in C++11

The major objective of this class is that you will be able to write simple object oriented programs in C++ and use the language constructions to create efficient programming code.


This training is aimed programmers who want to have a sound introduction to C++.

Previous Knowledge

The course requires some previous experience in any function- or procedure-oriented language.

Practical Exercises

During the training you will practice the objectives in terms of a number of exercises. We will use the open and free integrated development environment from Eclipse.



Introduction to Object-Orientation

  • The Goals with Object-oriented Programming
  • OO Programming Concepts
  • C++ Language Mapping

Transitioning from C to C++

  • The original prerequisites for the definition of C++
  • Function Overloading
  • Default Function Arguments
  • Initialization versus Assignment
  • Place Variable Definitions where needed
  • Stricter type control
  • const Strictness
  • C++ type conversion operators

 Introduction to C++

  • Namespace
  • Basic Input/Output
  • References
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Some Standard Library Appetizers:
    • std::string and std::vector

The Class, Part I

  • In C
  • First Look at Encapsulation
  • The Class
  • Principle of Data Hiding
  • Modularity and Implementation Hiding Constructors/Destructors
  • Initialization vs. Assignment
  • Operator Overloading

The Standard Library, Part I

  • Introduction
    • iostream Library
    • What’s a stream?
    • Architecture
    • Stream Types
    • File Handling
  • String Streams

Some New C++11 Language Features

  • Automatic Type Deduction – auto
  • Range-based Loops
  • Uniform Initialization with Initializer Lists

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