Static Analysis for Automotive

Webinar: Static Analysis for Automotive


Date: Tuesday April 24, 2018
Time: 11am EST

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Joakim Nilsson
+46 (0) 40 59 22 08

This webinar is a must-attend if you develop software for the automotive supply chain.

When people talk about static analysis for automotive application the term MISRA-C (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) immediately pops up. This is a software development standard that originated in the automotive industry.

However, MISRA is only one part of static analysis, especially when the automotive supply chain is involved. Tier 1 suppliers integrate technologies from other parties, this technology often involves software, often in the form of binaries.

This impacts static analysis. Doing advanced static analysis for automotive means that you can perform static analysis when libraries from your suppliers are present.

This webinar looks at GrammaTech CodeSonar can help automotive suppliers perform advanced, whole program static analysis in the presence of libraries from lower tiers.

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