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Effective MISRA C course is a professional training course from MISRA C: 2012 version 1 with amendment 2, the latest version of the MISRA C standard, which includes the new guidelines for security and preliminary support for C11 and C18. The course has been designed for the smooth and successful adoption of MISRA C into an organization.

Lectures, exercises, tests, hands-on sessions and, optionally, a final exam, will significantly strengthen the skills and competences of teams involved in the design, development and verification of critical embedded software systems.

Upon completion of the course, participants will:
• understand the C language pitfalls, the compilation process, static analysis techniques and tools;
• understand the origin and nature of MISRA C and its role in the development of safe and secure software;
• understand all important MISRA C guidelines and the unwanted phenomena they are designed to prevent;
• understand the notion of compliance to MISRA C and the permitted deviation procedures;
• appreciate and understand the advantages of the adoption of MISRA C and other best practices.

In addition, they will be able to:
• recognize and avoid dangerous features of the C language by adhering to the MISRA C language subset, thus minimizing rework and extended testing phases;
• analyze the output of static analyzers and recognize MISRA C false positives (and negatives);
• decide on the best remediation for each kind of MISRA C violation;
• work effectively on bringing projects into compliance;
• formulate accurate and defensible compliance matrices

The course is meant for software developers, engineers and architects as well as V&V engineers and project managers. The content is geared towards people with a working understanding of the C programming language; however, no previous knowledge of MISRA C is required.


Each participant will receive:

  • All relevant MISRA documents in PDF format, including a copy of MISRA C:2012 Revision 1 (licensed individually to each participant).
  • Printed course material (300+ pages), including examples and exercises for individual study (confidential).
  • Certificate of attendance or of achievement.
  • One month of free email consultancy on the course topics.

The Instructors
The course is taught by Roberto Bagnara, assisted by other qualified instructors. Roberto is CEO/CTO and Chief Scientist at BUGSENG. He has co-authored more than 40 papers on programming languages, static analysis and other techniques for software verification published in international journals and peer-reviewed conference proceedings. He has been working on embedded systems’ software since 1984, initially at the University of Bologna (medical devices) and then at CERN (particle physics apparata). He is a member of the MISRA C Working Group and is also a member of the ISO JTC1/SC22/ WG14 international standardization working group for the C programming language.

In this online course we will use TEAMS online platform.

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