Intelligent Connected Products: Use AI & IoT to get going with your automation

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In cooperation with ICP (Intelligent Connected Products) we offer this full day of interactive lecture and workshop, aimed at groups with a desire to get going with automation in their own environment like industrial, manufacturing, transportation, defense or any other not purely administrative system.

We combine theoretical foundation, design examples and jointly carried out demonstrations with a workshop to as a team identify most optimal area for starting your automation process and we put together a rudimentary requirement specification that can be re-used in a later stage.

We will go through the most important modules and rules needed to make your current “smart product” an “Intelligent Connected Product” that works well in a product system or even in a system of systems.

  • You may want to automate quality inspection in your factory, ad predictive maintenance to your drain pump, make your smart grid IoT device intelligent or create a digital twin of your power plant.

In order to understand machine intelligence we will learn the theoretic´s of artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks as well as jointly configure and run a test system. We will also consider cyber security.

  • In order to create a shared vision and define a desired situation your whole team needs some common terminology and a joint view.


This course mainly target internal groups with a responsibility to continue improving operations efficiency by utilizing AI and industrial IoT. We advise group size of 20 persons or less in order to secure smooth interaction and reaching best possible result as a first step in adopting AI.

Sections to cover

  • Time line of Intelligent Connected Products (ICP) – modules necessary
  • Use of modules to, based on your smart product, design an ICP
  • AI with different approaches
  • Machine Learning & main categories
  • Neural Networks and general AI
  • Main types of intelligent applications – and their impact
  • Additional areas for common terminology
  • Workshop – formulate your vision and define how to get started


Jonas Kallmén, Founder of  Intelligent Connected Products, has 25 years experience of automation and helped adopting model based design, real-time operating systems, EDA-tools, industrial computers (COTS), SaaS, AI and IoT into the development process of networking, industrial, manufacturing, consumer products etc.

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