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Lauterbach TRACE32 is a development tool designed for complex applications and can with the Power Trace module present a detailed picture of the behaviour of your application.

During these training courses you get to deepen your knowledge and learn how to use the TRACE32 with Trace in an efficient way.


You will get a deeper knowledge and configuration files. You get to do some exercises on Trace, CodeCoverage and Preformance Analysis.


This Lauterbach Trace Functions training course is designed to suit users of uTrace or Power Trace from Lauterbach, wanting deeper knowledge.

Previous knowledge

You have either experience from working with Lauterbach TRACE32, knowing commands like “do”, “data.list” and “sys.up”, or you have participated in our training course Lauterbach Debugging.

You also have basic programming knowledge in C, and know how a microcontroller works.

Exercises / Tools

We use Power Trace, with an ARM based target for all exercises.



  • Trace windows
  • Tracking Filtering of the trace-buffer
  • Code-coverage
  • Performance analysis
  • Trigger programming
  • Trace filtering
  • RTOS aware trace

CTS (Context Tracking System)

  • What is CTS?
  • Is debugging backwards possible?

Logic Analyzer

  • Use logic analyzer to record external events
  • Correlate logic analyzer with trace
  • Trigger on external events

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