Secure Coding

Secure Coding Practices for Embedded Applications

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2 days
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Lena Bernhardsson
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This training will develop your coding skills so that you can avoid the common pit-falls of insecure applications. You will learn how to take into account the latest security standards such as MISRA, CERT, and security extensions to the programming of embedded devices.

The most effective way to prevent security vulnerabilities is to apply security standards in the code. Studies have shown that up to 75% of cyber-attacks targeted at the application level take advantage of errors in the code.

  • Software Cyber Security
  • Safety concepts in software development
  • How processes approach the need for safety and security (example of ISO26262 + SAE J3061)
  • Coding standards for safety critical applications (MISRA, JSF, HICPP)
  • Coding standards for secure code (CERT, ISO17961)
  • The future: MISRA security rules and MISRA strategy
  • A comparison between CERT C and MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1 “Additional Security Guidelines for MISRA C:2012”: commonalities and differences
  • Examples, challenges and hands-on exercises

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