IconLabs Device Security for IoT

– Build a firewall

Here are a number of software components to build in protection and detect attacks in embedded systems. They work for any RTOS and any size system.

  • Floodgate Firewall is a firewall built with both static and dynamic filtering
  • Floodgate Agent handles security policies and can report attacks to a management system or local web or CLI interface
  • Floodgate Secure Boot can be used to monitor rejected login attempts, DoS attacks, and report to any SIEM systems, such as McAfee
  • Floodgate IDS monitors system activity and configuration to detect unauthorized changes to the system. These changes are reported to a security management system

Icon Labs’ Floodgate Security framework provides:

  • Security policy management
  • Event and command audit log reporting
  • Integration with the McAfee ePolicy orchestrator (ePO)
  • Integrated embedded firewall
  • Firmware and intrusion detection support
  • Support for RTOS and Embedded Linux based devices

– Floodgate IoT Security Toolkit (data sheet)

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