Cybersecurity for businesses

Cybersecurity for businesses

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Language: English
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Introduction to cybersecurity for businesses is aimed at those responsible for and/or interested in information security and data management. You might be a product manager, working with system requirements, design, or testing.


The course consists of four half-day modules (3 hours instructor-led + 1 hour self-study):

  1. Network Technology & the threats we face (Day 1) • Digitization creates security problems on multiple levels. To effectively protect ourselves against cyber attacks, we first need to understand the principles of how our data is transmitted over the internet and then how it can be attacked.

Exercise: Test a Sniffer


  1. Ethics, morality & regulations (Day 2) • Despite all technical dangers, the biggest challenges for most companies lie within the framework of ethics and law. New laws and EU directives are pouring in. Companies need to know how to behave to avoid fines, damages, or sales bans.

Exercise: What do the new directives mean for you?


  1. Identify & analyze attacks (Day 3) • How do we determine what is a threat and how serious it is? By analyzing known attacks, we can both learn to recognize combinations of events that can harm our business and how we can act to protect ourselves.

Exercise: How other companies protect themselves today (Microsoft, Tesla, etc.).


  1. Prevent & mitigate attacks (Day 4) • To create well-functioning protection and not become “the only car in the parking lot without an alarm”, we must understand the threat landscape facing our business and what we have that is important to protect. Then we choose a strategy for how we want to manage our information security.

Exercise: Reflection on the whole.


Course: Cybersecurity for businesses

Language: English or Swedish

Date/time: Week XX

Day 1: 09.00-12.00

Day 2: 09.00-12.00

Day 3: 09.00-12.00

Day 4: 09.00-12.00

Jonas KallménTrainer:

Jonas Kallmén, Founder of Intelligent Connected Products, has 25 years experience of automation and helped adopting model based design, real-time operating systems, EDA-tools, industrial computers (COTS), SaaS, AI and IoT into the development process of networking, industrial, manufacturing, consumer products etc.

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