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– Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to connect to your CAN bus for development, testing or troubleshooting

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Why peak can equipment?

Are you working on the future of your company and planning successful products for tomorrow‘s markets or want to translate your projects into reality, hence looking for a responsive and reliable partner?

You set great importance to the functionality of your development tools and the quality of the hardware you use?

Whether you need a plug-in card for the PC, a microcontroller module for temperature recording, a program to monitor your system, or just the right kind of cable – with Peak’s product range NOHAU can help you concentrate on what is important: developing successful products!

PEAK-System puts creative teams of experienced and highly-motivated specialists at your disposal, open to new ways, open to new solutions. Talk over your aims and objectives with us.

PEAK offers a wide range of products for CAN based communication systems.


  • PC/CAN interfaces (e.g. PCAN USB, PCAN-PCI and PCAN-PCI Express).
  • I/O Modules.
  • Couplers & Converters.
  • Gateways & Routers.
  • Diagnostic Tools.


Peak-System offers software packages for quick and easy development of PC based CANopen applications as well as a wide range of drivers and tools.

  • Development Packages.
  • PC Software.
  • CANopen.

Test tools

The following PEAK-System tools are used for development, testing and servicing of Controller Area Network based systems.

  • PCAN-Diag 2.
  • PCAN-Explorer 6.
  • Serial Bus Simulator.
  • PCAN-Trace.


PCAN-Explorer from Peak is a universal tool for monitoring data traffic on a CAN network. For easy and clear allocation of the individual messages, these can be identified as so-called symbols. The integrated VBScript support allows the creation of macros to automate complex tasks. The integrated data logger means that the data traffic of a bus can be recorded, analyzed, and stored. PCAN-Explorer is designed as automation server and can therefore be remote controlled through scripts.

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