Python for Test Automation

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SEK 18.200 - classroom course
EUR 2.100 - online course
EUR 2.300 (FI) - classroom course

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To be able to automate your tests it is becoming increasingly important to master Python. Many of the common test frame works use Python to program the tests. This course teaches the basics of Python and how to use it for test purposes in different kind of applications.

The course consists of theory mixed with practical exercises to put into practice the concepts taught.

On the first day, the basics of the language are shown. In the second, useful libraries are taught and the third one is dedicated to dealing with test scripts where we use frameworks like pytest and Robotest.


Software developers and testers responsible for the implementation and automating the testing of software applications and devices.


We also offer education On-Site, at your company – please ask! This course can be tailored to suit your particular applications and test environment.


Although no prior knowledge of Python is required, it is important to have basic programming notions. No knowledge of any testing tool or deep testing experience is required.

Course Overview

Day 1: Python Language & Environment
Day 2: Python 3 Standard Libraries
Day 3: Python Test Frameworks

Day 1 – Python Language & Environment

• Why Python?
• Python Interpreters & Extensions
• Python Version 2 & 3
• Coding Style
• Package & Environment Management
• Python Language: Keywords, Operators, Basic Data Types
• User-Defined Functions, Classes, Modules and Packages
• Generators and decorators

Day 2 – Python 3 Standard Libraries

• Session 1: Runtime Features
• Session 2: Application Building Blocks
• Session 3: The File System
• Session 4: Text & Regular Expressions
• Session 5: Dates and Times
• Session 6: Data Persistence and Exchange
• Session 7: Data Compression and Archiving
• Session 8: Cryptography
• Session 9: Mathematics & Data Analysis
• Session 10: Concurrency with Processes
• Session 11: Networking
• Session 12: Internet / Web Services

Day 3 – Python Test Frameworks

• pytest
• behave (BDD)
• Robot Framework

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