Lauterbach PIL Simulation with TRACE32

Lauterbach has provided its Simulink plug-in for PIL (Processor-in-the-Loop) simulation. With this new plug-in, the modeling environment
can communicate directly with the target through a TRACE32 debugger.

Over the course of the last few years, model-based methods have become more and more important in software development. The advantage of model-based
methods is the continuous verifi cation of the software design. The Processor-in-the-Loop simulation has become an important step in the design verifi cation.

PIL Simulation

PIL simulations are performed to ensure the developed algorithms provide the correct functionality in the target environment. This verifi cation step can be
executed on one of the following target systems:

  • Final target hardware / evaluation board
  • Virtual target / core simulator
  • TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator

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